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About Us

24 MoldOur Company:

24Mold was established with the goal to assure homeowners have a complete mitigation service done while retaining knowledge of fungicidal species present in the property as well as the air quality, all without acquiring any out-of-pocket expenses.


Why is Mold Testing Absolutely Necessary?

Homeowners, Restoration Companies, Public Adjusters, Plumbers, and even Insurance companies all know that if a property is wet, it must to be dried. The question is… why?

The main reason we dry out a property is to avoid and prevent mold growth. If a property is dried and not tested for mold, how can you be certain the mitigation was completed properly?

24Mold is implementing the absolute fact that every water damage project must have mold testing performed prior to finalizing. Whether the mold is visible or not; mold testing must be performed following EVERY dry-out service.

The ONLY way to assure that mitigation has been completed properly is to have mold testing performed and that’s the void 24Mold has been formed to fill.


Our Promise

24Mold promises expert customer service. We will contact the homeowner to schedule accordingly, assess the property, answer any and all questions related, inform the homeowner of any potential risks involved, and assure them that these results will be placed in the hands of licensed professionals who will act accordingly.

24Mold will provide all lab results, protocols, images, and legal mold reports within 24-48 hours from the date the assessment took place.

24Mold will bill the insurance directly for all services performed unless otherwise specified by the organization that introduced our company.