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Eliminate Toxic Mold From Your HomeWe remove all harmful and toxic mold from your home or business using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.Call NowProtect Your Family From Harmful MoldBreathing clean, quality air is essential to promoting a healthy living environment for you and your loved ones.I’d Like Mold Testing DoneBreathe Easy$169 Home Air Quality Sample for Any Home or Business.Schedule My Mold AssessmentMold Can Have Serious Effects on Your Home & HealthWhat you breathe is serious business. It affects your health and the health of your loved ones.Call Now to Speak with a Rep

Mold-Free Guarantee

We guarantee your home will be mold free with a One-Year promise.

Prevent Mold Symptoms

Do you know what you’re breathing? Mold can have seriously damaging effects on the quality of air you’re breathing.​

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Mold and spore dispersion will reduce the indoor air quality in your home. It will also cause unsightly stains and odors that are unpleasant.​

Reduce Risk of Structural Damage

If given enough time, mold will damage wood and other porous structural surfaces. This could be avoided if caught in time.

Prevent Health Damage

Mold exposure can irritate your skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Combat mold with a full assessment.

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Protect Your Home from Harmful Toxins

Experience relief and ultimate joy in knowing that your home or business is mold free. There’s nothing to worry about when you’ve done your part in ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and pure and your family and coworkers will thank you.

Mold Sampling

Mold Removal

Air Sampling

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How It Works

Mold testing is performed by taking either an air or surface sample. A mold inspector will ‘test’ the air or surface to ascertain whether mold exists and if so, what type of mold it is. The inspector will also clarify whether the type of mold is able to grow in the tested area.

A mold inspector in essence, conducts a visual inspection for mold contamination in a home or business. A standard mold inspection involves a Union mold inspector speaking to the property owner about what areas they have seen mold or moisture or water damage on the property.

“Amazing service! Took the mold out of my house quickly and in a very clean and smooth way! Gave me an amazing price. Thank you. I highly recommend!”
Yakov A.
Yakov A.Hollywood, FL
“I had some mold testing done on my condo and the test came back positive for toxic mold. I have a small children there and needed it removed ASAP. They came the day I called them and had me mold free 4 days later. They gave me a great price and guarantee to be mold free for at least 1 year. I highly recommend using them.”
Hindy P.
Hindy P.
“Had a emergency situation needed to get rid of major mold issue in a very short time Union did a excellent job and pricing was very competitive. Thank you Doron.”
Jay K.
Jay K.

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